Nursing Strike

Organizational labor disputes are complex. Continuing to provide optimal care is critical to both your stakeholders and the community. ACS works with your team to establish a contingency plan that secures your reputation and supports the lives of your patients.


ACS will prepare your leadership with reliable financial estimates to share with your hospital leadership. Different staffing scenarios will be modeled with the significant variables identified to better eliminate any surprises at the end of the engagement.

Crisis Staffing

When job action occurs, it’s all hands on deck. ACS provides the quality nurses you need in the event of a strike. Our team of healthcare professionals understands crisis staffing assignments and operates efficiently under those unique circumstances.

Labor Dispute

ACS creates and implements transparent, comprehensive labor dispute plans with employees and stakeholders in mind. We find a common ground among your staff, executives and community leaders to proactively avoid labor disputes in the future.

Expert Advice, Quality Care

Autumn Consulting Services (ACS) is a team of healthcare executives who understand what’s important to you. With over 15 years of success, our goal has always been to ensure the care of patients never falters, even in the event of job action. We specialize in navigating labor disputes for healthcare organizations, implementing labor dispute management plans and providing crisis staffing when necessary. ACS connects facilities with highly-qualified and experienced nurses who maintain the level of professionalism needed in a difficult time.

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