About Freedom Crisis Staffing

The Premier Strike Staffing Agency in the US

Freedom Crisis Staffing (formerly Autumn Consulting Services) is one of the nation’s most formidable healthcare strike and crisis staffing agencies. As a Joint Commission certified healthcare staffing provider, we have prepared for hundreds of strikes over the past two decades, including some of the largest and longest in history. We are composed exclusively of healthcare executives who have all encountered and overcome labor disputes in their own careers, and who all bring to the table decades of expertise managing financial, HR, board and other stakeholder concerns. 

We understand the challenges facilities face when threatened by unions, so we approach each situation from a place of profound empathy and experience. And thanks to our sister company, Freedom Healthcare Staffing, we can draw on a pool of over 200,000 highly skilled clinical workers, each with years of experience stepping into facilities at rapid notice. Our mission is to ensure uninterrupted care for patient communities and give all parties the space to quickly work things out.

No matter how serious the staffing challenges you face, Freedom will be there to see you through.

Our Core Values


Taking an analytical approach for more reliable staffing plans and financial models.


Ensuring you only order as much staff as needed to maintain high-quality patient care.


Protecting both your patients and your reputation with exceptionally competent staff.

Price Transparent

Enabling you to make sound financial decisions with unparalleled price transparency.

Want to Work with Us?

To uphold the level of care we strive for, we welcome any opportunity to connect with nurses and other healthcare professionals who understand and approach the challenges of strike staffing with professionalism and expertise. We know that we cannot successfully support hospitals during a labor dispute without first supporting our own staff and nurses. You will be treated with the utmost of respect and care, and offered among the best compensation around.

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