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When engaged in collective bargaining, the stakes are high. The 3 most important steps for you to take are:

Engage Experts

Don’t “go it alone.” Resources are available. Union leaders have much more experience in planning for a strike than most hospital executives. Having experts working by your side provides the confidence to negotiate a better collective bargaining agreement. We work with a database of over 40,000 healthcare professionals to provide the right individuals for each work stoppage situation.

Be Prepared for Short-Term Strikes
Unions adopt this strategy to minimize the impact on union members and compel hospitals to implement their strike plans, perhaps more than once. Better to have a good plan and not need it.
Find Well-Qualified Temporary Staff
Identifying and getting work commitments from well-qualified health care professionals, as well as arranging for travel and housing is a daunting undertaking. This job can and should be outsourced allowing you to handle your other pressing responsibilities.

You Have Labor Challenges, We Have Options

 If your organization is faced with a work stoppage, sudden unexpected staff shortages or other staffing emergencies, you need experienced professionals with solutions. Autumn Consulting Services is the most experienced team in the healthcare industry and we’re prepared to advise, create and rapidly execute a plan of action to meet these challenges. We have managed job actions in as many as 45 facilities at once and successfully implemented our plans for the largest and longest duration strikes in the history of healthcare labor disputes. We create transparent and comprehensive labor dispute plans to resolve healthcare employment conflicts and maintains the organization’s trust with medical staff, employees and the community. Our healthcare executives and staffing professionals offer expertise to reduce the likelihood of a crisis and can provide quality staff.

You’re not alone. You have ACS.

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