Contingency Staffing for Healthcare Labor Disputes

Our decades of experience handling labor disputes and providing contingency staffing are yours to leverage from the moment you retain us.

Comprehensive and Efficient Staffing Plans

Once engaged, we will work closely with your nursing, clinical and HR executives to develop a contingency staffing plan that, in the event of a strike, maintains all the services you look to maintain while addressing all the staffing concerns of your state’s regulatory body. Organizations tend to over-order contingency staff, so we leverage an analytical approach that considers all perspectives, including our own hospital executive (C-level) experience, to prepare efficient, protective and comprehensive solutions. We trust our premier nurses and medical staff to ably hold the line, which is why we feel so confident in our efficient approach, one that makes us unique in our industry and saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars.

Freedom is invested in seeing you successfully weather your labor dispute, so if we can assist your team with their strike planning to reduce the likelihood of a job action, we are more than happy to help. Because we have prepared hundreds of strike plans for facilities of all sizes across the country, we possess many completed strike plans and strike plan templates. Our leaders also have firsthand experience running hospitals; have surveyed countless hospital boards, medical executive committees, and medical system leaders; and have sat at the negotiating table many times—and they will be on call to offer their expert guidance regarding issues specific to your facility. As an added benefit, we can work with your communications team to bring to their attention a range of proactive communications that will help you anticipate and defang disinformation from the union and other activists.

Want to learn the steps for successful strike planning and how we can help?

Cost Planning

When our staffing plan is complete, you will receive a detailed and transparent estimate for our services, which will include a refund schedule. Surprisingly, none of this is standard practice for our industry. During your negotiations, we will also maintain financial models that address any market adjustments to our services against the ongoing cost of union proposals. We will communicate any changes to our models to help your organization make well-informed decisions about whether to settle or push back on the union’s demands.

For a more detailed overview of how our pricing compares with that of other contingency staffing companies, download our transparent pricing one-sheet.


Reliable Contingency Staffing

Once the contingency staffing plan has been agreed upon, the next step is to identify and get work commitments from healthcare professionals who fulfill the qualifications, credentials and skill sets needed to maintain your high-quality patient care. We draw upon a pool of over 200,000 highly skilled clinical workers, all of whom have years of experience stepping into facilities at rapid notice during sensitive times. Thanks to this pool, we have the recruiting capacity to staff hospitals wall-to-wall, across all job categories, in any state, and in large numbers.

Our temporary staff are so qualified that many of our clients bring them in before a strike to alleviate concerns about short-staffing and burnout, thereby lowering the temperature and potentially avoid a strike altogether.

In the event of a strike, we will leverage our technology systems to quickly and efficiently deploy the contingency staff you need. We will arrange for their travel and housing (a daunting undertaking you shouldn’t have to handle), and effectively communicate with your leadership team, regulators and other full-time staff to ensure your facility can continue to serve the community with quality care while you focus on quickly resolving the dispute.

Among the specialties we can fill include:


  • Med/Surg
  • Surgical Staff
  • ER
  • Labor & Delivery
  • PICU
  • PACU
  • ICU
  • CCU
  • Oncology
  • Cath Lab

Allied Health Professionals

  • Pharmacy
  • Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Imaging Technicians
  • Social Workers
  • Operating Room Tech
  • Respiratory Therapy

When is the right time to retain a strike staffing agency?

Agencies need time to plan and recruit, so your staffing partner should be retained at least 90 days in advance of contract expiration.* Best practice is to engage them 6 months prior, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of having a staffing agency retained through the duration of your planning and negotiations. This also affords us the time to identify any potential staffing challenges and alert you to begin contingency planning. To make the choice easier for our clients, there is no cost attached to our initial consultations. Only when you place your advance order to let us begin recruiting will a payment be due.


* In the case of an initial contract negotiation, the selection process should commence as soon as the NLRB certifies the election result.

See how our pricing compares with other contingency staffing companies.

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Want to learn the steps for successful strike planning and how we can help?

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